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Dear Media Specialist,

    GREEN ACRE VIDEO is proud to announce the acquisition of the "KOHANYI CLASSICS" Film Library from internationally award-winning Writer/Director Julius Kohanyi, whose awards include the Gold Medal at the Houston International Film Festival, the Hugo Award from Chicago, and two Golden Image Awards at Long Island's International Film Festival.

    His films have been invited to Special Screenings at the Florence and Berlin International Film Festivals and The Museum of Modern Art, and are on permanent collection at the Venice International Film Festival. All have been broadcast on commercial or public television.

    This prestigious library consists of 40 films that deal with a wide range of subjects in Art, History, Geography, Social and Human Relations. Each subject is presented in an entertaining documentary or dramatic format, and all are easily accessible to children and adults alike.

    I am delighted to inform you that SCHOOL ARTS MAGAZINE has recommended our videos (now on DVD) to any reference library that serves pre-adolescents to adults, and that the complete library has already been purchased by several school boards. Our customers include the Los Angeles Central Library, William Penn Charter School-Philadelphia, Spring Independent School District-Houston, Catholic School Commission-Montreal, Toronto Board of Education-Toronto, San Mateo County Office of Education-Redwood City, CA., College of William and Mary- Williamsburgh, and the Museum of Fine Arts School-Boston.

    All of our DVDs are of the highest quality, and we provide prompt delivery. We look forward to making a contribution to your audio/visual library collection! See Mr. Kohanyi's books and testimonials at www.radgeminus.com.

Very truly yours,
Susam D. Kavesh, President